Corporate Recovery and Insolvency

Implementing realistic strategies

With the demands placed on organisations in our rapidly evolving marketplace, it is not surprising that increasing number of them run into difficulties at some point in their life cycle. At corporate recovery, we assist companies, their lenders, shareholders and other stakeholders whose businesses are facing financial crisis or underperformance. Our corporate recovery specialists can help you chart the most efficient course by identifying counter measures, implementing focused realistic strategies and assisting in communicating with stakeholders.

Our Range of Services

Receivership and Administration Assignment

We can act as the Receiver and/or Manager to the Court, the lenders or any stakeholders who want to exercise or protect their rights to the affected company’s assets.

Liquidation Assignment

Our team specialises in liquidations and is dedicated to assisting troubled and insolvent companies through the liquidation process.

We can assist or act under the following insolvency appointments:-

  • Pre-Liquidation Advice and Workout Proposals/ Special Administrators
  • Provisional Liquidation
  • Members Voluntary Winding-up
  • Creditors Voluntary Winding-up
  • Court-appointed Liquidation

Monitoring Accountant Services

For companies that are undergoing or have completed a corporate and debt restructuring exercise, we can assist the affected lenders to monitor financial performance of the restructured companies against their projected results and any other matters of material concern to the lenders.

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